Sunday, October 29, 2006

We Have to Be Tolerant…No, Really We Have to Be Tolerant

As Tony Blair is leaving office the United Kingdom has decided that they need to improve their image on the Muslim Street by being more “tolerant” of terrorism and the conflicts created by terrorists and Islamic Fascists. After all it’s best not to upset the terrorists or they’ll attack you. Oh, wait, they’ll attack you anyway after all you aren’t wearing a Chador, are you? The British want to be an open, free, and tolerant country, right? That’s why they want to implement this new policy of weakness? Oh wait what about the “Spooks” episode being openly and blatantly anti-Semitic? Well, they’re just Jews and they can’t rape, kill or hurt us in anyway. So why should we be tolerant of them? In the twenty first century tolerance apparently means being obedient to the mighty Muslims for non-Muslim infidels and for Muslims it means allowing Dhimmis to live. In the mean time the Jews apparently are not tolerated on either side.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another dreadful Jew hating episode of Spooks tonight. The BBC should be ashamed but are so far down the road of hate that they're probably proud of this badly acted nonsense.

3:07 PM  

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